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Trending Property: Jordan Landing, UT
Levi's Plaza
1160 Battery St, San Francisco, CA 94111
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Who’s visiting my location?

True Trade Areas enable aggregated market insights into who’s really visiting your location and where they’re coming from.

How is this location truly performing?

Visitation Trends provide accurate foot-traffic and dwell-time reports by seasonality and customer segments.

What are visitors interested in?

Favorite Places data allows you to understand your customer and ideal co-tenants using cross-shopping patterns.

How is this brand performing relative to the competition?

Ranking Metrics show the strength of any location by category on the local, state or national level.

Retail and Real Estate Decision Making Starts With Placer

Decision Making

Visit Trends Reveal the True Performance of Any Location

“Location data is hard to argue with. When we present Placer.ai's objective, fact-based information, we take the risk factor out of the equation.”
Jeff Axtell
Jeff Axtell
EVP & Regional Manager

True Trade Area Shows the Real Audience Visiting a Place

"Until now we guessed where our customers were coming from. With Placer.ai I can see exactly where a center is capturing people and where its visitation gaps are.”
Emily Heppen
Emily Heppen
Senior Leasing Representative
DLC Management Corp.
True Trade Area shows the real Audience visiting a place
Property Rankings Report

Rankings Identify the Top-Performing Locations in Any Region Across Any Sector

“Placer.ai has given us data insights that we have never had before. It enables us to reconcile and validate our data, and get the conviction we need to proceed with a decision."
Daniel Klein
Daniel Klein
Klein Enterprises

Cross-Shopping Patterns Help Optimize Tenancy, Site Selection, and Marketing Decisions

“The multidimensional aspects of Placer.ai allow us to target specific retailers for placement at specific centers, and prove the reasoning beyond a doubt.”
Marjorie Selinger
Marjorie Selinger
Marketing Manager
Waterstone Properties Group
Retail Cross Shopping Report

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During COVID, San Francisco saw one of the highest outbound migration rates in the country. We check in to see what lies ahead for the city. 

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